Full Buck Moon

Synopsis of Full Buck Moon,

 A full-length screenplay – Drama – Adult – Christian

Logline: The spirit of a Native American man appears to a dying woman, curing her illness and giving her the miraculous ability to heal others. But, her family thinks she’s gone mad.

It is like: Don Quixote meets Resurrection (1980).


A girl finds a notebook in the New Mexican desert written by legendary healer Veronica Smith-Sanchez. Years of chain-smoking cigarettes have left Veronica – in her thirties – on her deathbed with lung cancer, questioning if there is a god, and the purpose for her life. The spirit of a Native American man appears in her room. Thinking he is the angel of death she prepares to die, but instead he takes the cancer from her lungs, and gives her the incredible power to heal others.

Her husband is already mourning her, already distraught at his wife’s impending death. He has turned to drinking to numb his pain. When she tells him about her visions and healing he refuses to believe her, thinking she is cracking from the stress of her imminent death.

With a second chance and a renewed purpose for her life, she defies her husband and sets out across the Sangre de Christo Mountains and the northern New Mexican landscape. Her brother joins her thinking they are on one last road trip before she dies. Traveling in her pristine, white, 1968 Shelby Mustang Fastback, she encounters a rock star, a wealthy philanthropist, a federal prisoner, a fortune teller, a priest, and attend a Native American Shaman ceremony. Everywhere she goes, people are healed, miracles happen, and a pack of coyotes appear or can be heard howling, earning Veronica the name among those who meet her Dona De Los Coyotes, Lady of the Coyotes.

One of Veronica’s flaws is that she is so transformed by her own healing that she is naive in her belief that she can heal anyone and anything. Her own brother cannot believe the miracle he has witnessed, leading the audience to question also; are these things only happening in Veronica’s imagination? In the end, her family betrays her. The trickery they pull off to save her from herself ends in a tragedy no one sees coming.

There are words of wisdom, magical realism, and the uncertainty of what is real that makes this dramatic script unique to others. A vision of a past-life reveals her deep connection to the Spirit of the Native American man that heals her. It is the shocking twist in the final scene that will make this movie unforgettable.

Dona de los Coyotes, her legend lives on…

Veronica's 1968 Mustang Cobra

For me, a movie is like a time machine. It takes me out of my life into another world, new experiences, people, places, sounds, and even smells, for a little while. So use the power of your imagination and travel with me to a world of madness and miracles, spirits and sagebrush…

The time is ripe to give the truth-seeking audience this film. Filled with visions and symbolism, archetype and allegory, the magical realism of Full Buck Moon is sure to appeal to the millions of consumers who buy books, products, and movie tickets related to self-empowerment, second chances, destiny, angels, and god; they too are searching for their own truth – and may just find it in Veronica.

To request a copy of Full Buck Moon,

the WGA registered, feature-length screenplay,

contact Susan Sloane using the box below.

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